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Harvest Discovery Homes owns and operates abstinence model addiction recovery and supportive housing facilities in the Fraser Valley. Locations in suburban areas offer an advantage in being further away from the downtown scene where it might be easy to relapse. We also have a wheelchair accessible facility.

Harvest Discovery Homes complies with city licensing, zoning, noise control and traffic bylaws and endeavors to build and maintain community trust by entering into a Good Neighbour Agreement with the City. We are registered with the Ministry of Health BC - Assisted Living Registrar and provide supportive housing regulated under the Community Care and Assisted Living Act. [Learn More]

Residential recovery treatment and abstinence programs consistently achieve some of the best results because the client is in a facility where their worries are limited giving them time to focus on overcoming their addiction. The client is allowed in a second stage recovery facility after committing to participate in a 12-step program. The 12-step group meetings are an important resource because they are effective, free and universally available. Residents are required to become active and committed to the meetings in order to maintain their residency at the facility. [Learn More]

Drug and alcohol addiction is a substitute for an inability to cope with life. When an area of an individual's life becomes out of control, it can seem impossible to put back together. Intervention plans are often made by concerned friends and family. We can guide you and help you decide what the best treatment option is for your loved one. [Learn More]

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To start the intake process, visit our admission page, fill out the described forms and fax or email them over to us. Our friendly intake staff will help from there!


What People Are Saying...

 I very much want to thank you for helping my son get onto the right path to finding the beautiful person we knew and lost.  When I was told I had to use tough love on him, and let him hit absolute bottom who knew you would be there. ~Allison T
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Registered Ministry of Health - Assisted Living Registrar 2013

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